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Universities welcome students in person and online for the new academic year

Higher education has had quite a different look in the past 18 months. Fortunately, the 2021-2022 academic year is shaping up to be a promising one, as universities will largely be allowed to reopen. This is good news for students and staff who are longing to see each other on campus again. And we will celebrate the occasion together – safely and responsibly – during the Opening of the Academic Year.

The Opening of the Academic Year (OAJ: Opening van het Academisch Jaar) on Monday, 6 September will be a hybrid event. In addition to being able to attend the OAJ in person on some university campuses, almost all universities will offer a live stream as well. This will give everyone the opportunity to attend the opening of the new academic year, either in person or at home on the couch. Each university will have its own programme with speakers, music and a preview of the academic year. We look forward to kicking off the new academic year with you: after all, studying and conducting research are things you do together. A good start to the academic year is more important than ever.

Are you curious about how the universities will be celebrating the start of the new academic year on 6 September? Since the various opening activities are partly digital this year, you can easily take a look! The Dutch universities cordially invite you to participate. In the overview below, you will find where and when the different activities will be taking place, and who will be speaking at what time. Please note: Tilburg University will kick off its activities on 30 August. We hope to see you during the Opening of the Academic Year!

You can follow the OAJ via the links in the block diagram below. You can use #oaj2021 on Twitter.

Click here or on the image to get to the interactive pdf, so you can easily click on the OAY of your choice!


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